How to start a project

How to start a project; the fastest way to get your project started, under control and set up for success.

Need to know how to get a project started? 

You might be feeling daunted or overwhelmed by the thought of starting or need direction. Maybe you’re a relatively experienced project manager who has run a few projects before but find they end up out of control, over budget or delivering late.You could be a business owner or manager and want to give your team the tools and training they need to start a project off in a controlled manner.

If any of these scenarios ring a bell then we can help.

At Easyprojecthub we absolutely believe that starting a project off in the right way will really contribute to achieving a successful delivery. It will help you stay in control, prevent scope creep and manage the all important communications to those impacted by the project.

Because we believe so strongly that you should start your project off in the right way we’ve created this training course dedicated to starting a project.

The training course

  • Broken into 11 modules that cover IN DETAIL each of the 9 points you need to consider when starting your project
  • You can watch the course at your own pace, and rerun parts you want to hear again.
  • Great images and real case studies to illustrate what we are talking about.

But we don’t think this enough! We don’t believe in just showing you a video and giving you theory. Because we are committed to you starting your project in the right way we also include FREE project start templates. We provide a Microsoft word and PowerPoint version, and explain when or why you would use each.

The templates 

  • Include all the sections you should complete, which directly relate to the 9 points you should consider before starting your project
  • Beautifully formatted. You can either leave the formatting as it is, or change to match your own company branding.
  • Have clear, plain speak guidance notes and real-life examples that are easy to delete but make it quick and easy to complete the document. 

The templates will get you going straight away. They are yours to keep, use, change and share across your organisation or with your friends. They form the start of your project toolkit.

If that’s not enough we also give you the option to purchase the audio version of the course so that you can listen to it on the move, in the car, whilst you’re out for a run or whilst you’re doing your ironing!

So get your project in control today and sign up for the course.

You don’t need any previous experience, the course is ideal for individuals or for people part of an organisation. It’s practical, usable and gets you going immediately! It’s not just theory…

Intended Audience: Professionals

Welcome from Julia Padget
Course overview
Module 1 - The very first thing....
Module 2 - Project Background
Case Study 1
Module 3 - Objectives
Module 4 - Success
Case Study 2
Module 5 - Project Team
Module 6 - Project Scope
Case Study 3
Module 7 - Timeline
Module 8 - RAID
Case Study 4
Module 9 - Budget
Module 10 - Governance
Case Study 5
Module 11 - Tools
Bonus section
Full course review
Project Start Document (Microsoft Word)
Project Start Document (Microsoft PowerPoint)

What's included

  • 20 Video Lessons
  • 2 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion